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Oklahoma City

Posted On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 for News From: India Madhya Pradesh
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Posted by LionMember: Ram Yadav
From Lions Club:
Oklahoma City is the capital and the largest city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County,[4] the city ranks 30th among United States cities in population.[5] The city's population, from the 2010 census, was 579,999,[6] with a metro-area population of 1,252,987.[7] In 2010, the Oklahoma City-Shawnee Combined Statistical Area had a population of 1,322,249 residents.[7] Oklahoma City's city limits extend into Canadian, Cleveland, and Pottawatomie counties, though much of those areas outside of the core Oklahoma County area are suburban or rural (watershed). The city ranks as the eighth-largest city in the United States by land area (including consolidated city-counties; it is the second-largest city in the United States by land area whose government is not consolidated with that of a county).

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